MAP Open House

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017

5-5:50pm in the MAP Studio building

Come tour the facilities, and meet the team! :)

Our Mission




What we fund

We requested support for $136k in 2014-2015


What is MAP?

Saratoga High School’s Media Arts Program (MAP) invites students to learn in an academy setting with a focus on rigorous academic standards in English and Social Studies while developing skills in media-related performance and production technologies, including exposure to several cutting edge programs for video, animation, and other mass media.


Core English-Social Studies classes and select program electives offer students the opportunity to build strong interpersonal relationships with their teachers and peers. MAP maintains community partnerships to develop relevant curriculum and project- based learning opportunities for students. These partnerships involve professional on-site performance and production opportunities in the school’s new Multimedia Center as well as work with journalism and print production projects, industry based technology, and articulation with colleges and business.


Twenty-five percent of all students at Saratoga High School are enrolled in the Media Arts Program (MAP).  MAP teaches our students how to:


    Plan complex projects

    Influence and communicate visually

    Work in teams

    Meet tough deadlines

    Use sophisticated software tools


These critical skills give MAP students a significant advantage entering the modern workforce.  They prepare our students to effectively influence and communicate on the web, a primary requirement for almost any 21st century job. For more information about the MAP program, visit the Saratoga High School Media Arts Program site.

Who are MAP Boosters

We are a highly-efficient, all-volunteer 501(c)3 corporation responsible for raising and allocating funds in support of SHS MAP.   By far, the majority of donations go to purchasing equipment and software needed in the day to day operation of the SHS Media Arts Program.  Some small portion of funds is allocated to other SHS Media Arts Program financial needs, such as a speaker Series and year-end Academy Awards-style event showcasing student work.


SHS Media Arts Boosters is a highly-efficient, all-volunteer 501(c)3 corporation, tax ID:  27-3204451, responsible for raising and allocating funds in support of the Saratoga High School Media Arts Program. Donations are 100% tax deductible.  Read our By-Laws.


Saratoga High School Media Arts Boosters is a GuideStar Exchange Sliver Participant





2017 - 2018 Members


Claude Boselli President Harsha Viswanath Communications                      Speaker Series Coordination                      Social Media/Web Site
Secretary Christy Kazmierczak Treasurer                      SMASH'N Coordination                      Marketing
Jean Poo Membership                      Fundraising                      Corporate Matching                                          

What we fund

For the 2014-2015 school year, MAP requested support for                                             of upgrades


21st Century Digital Classroom Upgrades

14-15 Student Scholarships

33 New Classroom Computers

10 New 32GB Camcorders

10 new DSLR Cameras

4 New Portable Lighting Kits

New Microphones

Trial of Software/Training for Student Product Certifications

Lens Kits for DSLR

In-Class iPad Sets

New Tripods

Advanced Studio Lighting


MAP Open House



John Linney VP Marketing - Yuneec USA


Responsible for Creative & Brand, Demand Generation, Channel, Product Marketing and PR at Yuneec USA, a leading consumer and professional drone manufacturer.





April 2016


Cody Harrington -  Pixar Studios

Claude Boselli - Bandai Namco Entertainment America



Jan 2015

Dr. Jill Tarter - SETI Institute



Annual awards program honoring MAP student work






Ram Kapoor - Chief Marketing Officer at UC Berkeley

Beth Davies -  Director, Learning & Development at Tesla Motors

Adom  Kramer - Manager, Learning Studio at Tesla Motors





Danielle Slaton,

Director of the Coaching for Life Academy at Santa Clara University

Feb 2014

Suzanne St. John Crane - Director of CreaTV San Jose



April 2014

Chris Wyatt, independent film producer and TV animation writer



Nov 2014

Chris Cox, Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems





Pratiti Raychoudhury, Director of Research, Facebook




SHS Media Arts Boosters is a highly-efficient, all-volunteer 501(c)3 corporation, tax ID: 27-3204451.  MAP Boosters are responsible for raising and allocating funds in support of the Saratoga High School Media Arts Program. Donations are 100% tax deductible.


Click here for the annual donation form.


Help maximize your donation by checking with your employer about their policies regarding corporate matching before turning in your form!  Be sure to apply for matching funds promptly, as many companies have application deadlines and limited funds to allocate annually.


Additionally, if your company is publicly traded or you hold publicly-traded stock, there may be tax benefits to your donating stock.


If you need assistance, please contact President Claude Boselli at


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Saratoga High School MAP Boosters, 20300 Herriman Avenue, Saratoga, CA  95070


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